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Say goodbye to the outdated financial tools. Every small business owner, regardless of the background, can now manage their business like a pro. Simple. Intuitive. And never boring.

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Who said finance has to be boring?
With Cobalt, managing your business finances is effortless, empowering, and anything but boring. Our intuitive platform brings clarity to your cash flow, simplifies your financial decision-making, and puts the power of advanced financial management right at your fingertips. Say no to spreadsheets and tools designed in the 80s.
Everything you need.
Nothing you don’t
Financial management and visibility in one place. Experience a flexible toolkit that makes every task feel like a breeze.

Insights at your fingertips

All your data and finances in one place to provide quick answers and make decisions instantly.

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Manage in real time

Have full control of your business finances on the go using our iOS/Android mobile apps. Because, you know, it’s 2023.

  • Cobalt • 2h ago

    💳 Monica is requesting a new card

    Card type: Virtual

    Spend limit: $500 monthly

  • Cobalt • 52m ago

    📈 Revenue increase alert

    27% increase in the last 7 days

  • Cobalt • Just now

    🚨 Large expense alert

    Amount: $2,487.92

Important business alerts

Choose the alerts you need and receive them via email, mobile or Slack. Review and take action in one click.

Connect all your apps

Bring your data with our built-in integrations for accounting, revenue tools and banking.


You’re in control

Lightning fast. Shortcuts for everything. Command+K on Mac, Ctrl+K on Windows. Dark mode.

Meet Genius
Our AI-driven assistant is designed to decode complex financial figures and illuminate key trends in your business.
Critical balance alert
You will have less than $2,500 in available funds in May

Smart forecasting

Harness the power of Cobalt's predictive analytics to map out the financial future of your business.

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Just ask. With Genius by your side, navigating the financial maze becomes intuitive and effortless.

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